In the Press | Light up with Colour - Colour is back with a vengeance.

Look around you. Everywhere you look you can see London shedding the grey uncertainty and debilitating anxiety of the recession years and embracing colour as a symbol of hope for a bright future. As usual, interiors trends are taking cues from the fashion world. London Fashion Week 2014 was ablaze with colour and creativity especially in collections by Antipodium and Issa. We’re also drawing inspiration from the art world. The long anticipated Matisse cut-outs exhibition at the Tate Modern is one that’s particularly close to my heart. In his later years, after several debilitating ailments had confined him to a wheelchair, Matisse shifted media from painting to cut-outs and collaging. It was from his frail, dilapidated vantage point that creativity and colour burst forth. The vivid colours and strong shapes that characterize his later works are one of the greatest inspirations for my own designs.

Colour affects us in very strong ways. It affects our mood and creativity and can have a totally transformational affect on our surroundings. My clients are often looking for a way to invigorate their living space without necessarily carrying out a complete re-design. This is easier than you may think. Vivid colours that are brought into a space through accessories, rugs and furniture can have a totally transformational affect. They also make you feel happy and noticeably lift you mood. This is why we often find ourselves naturally drawn to bright colours.

In the design world, colour is already popping up everywhere we look this season. Particularly look out for primary colours displayed in bold blocks alongside vibrant oranges, blues and purples expressing themes of passion and exuberance. International design shows, websites and companies are turning a dedicated eye toward colour. Design Milk’s weekly CMYLK feature is an excellent source for exploring the paring of colour infused product, art and interiors. In the 2014 Dulux Colour Awards in March, vivid colour featured in every category including Curiousa & Curiousa’s free blown glass lights, Flaster Floor Tiles by Ivanka. The event even celebrated the best ‘colour moment of the year’ awarded to ‘The Color Run’, also known as the ‘Happiest 5k on the Planet’, which is a unique colour race that celebrates healthiness, happiness, individuality, and giving back to the community. The Architectural Design Home Show in New York was also brimming with colour this year. Visitors flocked to the MADE section to where colour loving designers such as Dagmara Weinberg, Borealis Studios, Amy Eisenfeld Genser, and Abby Modell, showed their new colour inspired collections. Closer to home, the re-imagined collection by 19 Greek Street embodies vivid colours and bold patterns alongside contemporary form. Also look out for colour to be spilling out from interiors to architecture and public spaces. Even now the South Bank and the City of London are every night ablaze with vivid colours celebrating fun and creativity in the City.

Starting with colour we will see the beginning of a new cycle. Colour will encourage creativity and positive thinking. This will permeate through from our personal lives to the business world and promote advances and confidence in ecommerce enabling smaller, niche businesses to reach the world wide market. As we branch out, new markets will be cultivated, especially in developing countries such as China and India. In the coming years, design will be a leading force driving us into an era of prosperity and positivity.

An exciting time for everyone in the world of design!


Sonya Winner
Sonya Winner Rug Studio

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