Vibrant contemporary rugs

Sonya Winner contemporary rugs are award-winning pieces made to transform spaces into homes.

Our highly original luxury rugs add warmth, texture and vibrancy, turning your space into a welcoming home. Sonya’s multi coloured area rugs are not only beautiful art statements, they are also hardwearing and durable.

Designed by Sonya Winner in her London rugs studio and ethically produced by GoodWeave accredited artisan weavers, we are delighted that our vibrant contemporary rugs can be found in homes and offices of delighted customers in over 30 countries.

View the rugs collection

  • Prism Pastels Rug

    Prices from $3,110.00
  • Jellybean Rug (Lime)

    Prices from $890.00
  • Jellybean Rug (Mango)

    Prices from $890.00
  • Jellybean Rug (Coconut)

    Prices from $890.00
  • After Matisse Rug

    Prices from $890.00
  • Rothko-esque Rug (Deep)

    Prices from $1,840.00
  • This Kiss Rug (Orange)

    Prices from $3,110.00
  • Rainbow Rug Square

    Prices from $1,690.00
  • Vortex Rug

    Prices from $1,730.00

Uniquely designed, handmade contemporary rugs

Sonya’s contemporary area rug designs are bright, bold experiments of colour interaction. She also plays with shape and tuft height to give her works a sculptural quality.

All rugs are expertly hand tufted or hand knotted by GoodWeave weavers in New Zealand or Tibetan Wool and Chinese silk.

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