We are so pleased with the two rugs. It makes the room look different or unusual which we like.

Shelly Hardcastle, Hampshire, UK (Jellybean Lime, Small and Medium)

Il tappeto Bubble è arrivato! Devo dire è bellissimo e morbidissimo. Con tanto piacere ti invio la foto. Saluti, Annamaria

Annamaria Sabatino, Salerno, Italy (Bubbles Rug, Small)

I just wanted to let you know how much we love our carpet. Everyone comments about how wonderful it looks – even our postman! Many thanks for all your help, especially with the exchange for the smaller size. I think you will agree from the attached photos the smaller size fits our entry perfectly. With best wishes only, Stephen

Stephen & Rory, London, UK (After Albers Cornflower Rug, Medium)

I bought my rug a while back!!! Thanks again for the product I love it. I faced a little bit of challenges with import taxation but nothing could stop me from getting it out !!!! It’s an investment I tell you and my kids love their room.

Nomusa Malatji, Gauteng, South Africa (After Matisse Rug, Small)

I just saw the rug in person and got your note. I just love it all. The rug is so beautiful!
Thank you so much, Shari

Shari Glynn, Florida, USA (After Matisse Rug, Standard)

It is a real beautiful piece of art and we are so happy with it!

Best regards

Lydie Diard Fouesneau, Ixelles, Belgium (After Matisse Rug, XXX Large)

Here are some pics. Delighted ! Thanks again,

Brian Corris, London, UK (Jellybean Lime Rug, Medium)

Good morning (we are just starting our day on this side). Just wanted to let you know I received the rug and I am in love with it. It is so colorful and unique and it brightens me up just looking at it. It really completes the room. Thanks again for everything, the customer service was above any company I have ever worked with and the whole process was so fast that I didn’t even notice you were in a different time zone and an ocean away.
Kind regards,

Jonathan Garcia, San Francisco, USA (After Matisse Rug, Large)

Please find attached the picture of our hall.  It is a major statement and looks really good.  It lifts up the hall.  I was worried it was too big for the space, but it think it is just right.

Thank you very much.

Kristel Moncarey, Newport, UK (Bubbles Rug, Standard)

Thank you for a great rug. Attached is a picture of the rug. It is in a temporary location in the breakfast area until redecoration of the front living room is completed.

Kind regards,
Roger &Kathleen

Roger & Kathleen Percy, Surrey, UK (After Albers Cornflower, Large)

We love the new rugs… the whole family!!

Raf and Jennifer, London, UK (After Matisse Rug, Medium)

I received the first two carpets and they are really stunning! I honestly love them and can’t imagine my apartment without them now. They are a perfect match for my home and my personality 😀 Also your personal note made the experience very special. Thank you for that.

Carmen Schmidle, Innsbruck, Austria (Bubbles Rug, X Large)

I received the cushion today, I cannot wait to add it to the others on my sofa 🙂 I attached a picture of the current “set up” in my living room, I am sure the After Matisse Boudoir will go great with the rest of the Sonya Winner “collection”!

Elena, London, UK (After Matisse Rug, Medium & After Matisse Cushions)

The rug has arrived and it’s beautiful! Thank you for your wonderful service! The large art piece is by James Rosenquist, and the art above the stairs is by Laurie Levin. The rug is also a beautiful work of art!
Bill and Sarna

Bill & Sarna Sunshine, Texas, USA (After Matisse Purple, Medium)

Love it!!!
Warmest Lindy

Lindy Weinreb, Berkhamsted, UK (Jellybean Lime, Medium)

The rug looks absolutely perfect! I was really pleased with the service and speed overall, so thanks for that. I think the rug really does complement the blues in the room.

Helen Davidson, Glasgow, Scotland (Jellybean Berry, Small)

The second runner arrived today and you can appreciate the effect we have down our hallway!  Yes, we do believe in DOUBLE ????. Thanks again to you, Sonya and your team of weavers!
We are OVER THE ?.
Wally & Jeff

Wally Prawicki & Jeff Spira, Sedona, Arizona, USA (Rainbow Runner, Custom Size)

Rug arrived today! Love it!
Thank you, Rebecca

Rebecca Gray, Arundel, UK

Loving our three rugs to bits – thank you!

Lindy Weinreb, Berkhamsted, UK (Bubbles Rug, Standard)

We view this unique rug in magazines. This is just what we were looking for. Ordered on Tuesday and it was delivered Friday. We remodelled our master bathroom and hands down this rug is the center pice that everyone comments about. In simple words, we love it. Thank you for this design and friendly services.

Barbara & Joe Lipsky, Florida, USA (After Matisse Rug, Medium)

My rug has safely arrived. It is, quite simply, beautiful. Thank you.
Been raining all day and light a bit gloomy but my gorgeous Jellybean rug makes me feel so happy.  As you can see the dog has already found it!
I can’t remember if I sent you a picture of my After Matisse rug which is commented upon all the time. It is in the hall which, when the sun is out and on it first thing in the morning, creates a blaze of light!

Leonie Henderson, Lawford, UK (After Matisse Rug, Medium)

Delighted with the Jellybean Rug. It is so bright and colourful and transforms the room. My 7 year old grandson thought it was fantastic and couldn’t wait to play on it.

J. P., London, UK (Jellybean Berry, Medium)

We have another rug that we are needing for our office space & would love Sonya’s help in creating another beautiful rug for our space! Speaking of our rug that you all did…please see the photo attached. We LOVE it & fits the space perfectly! Thank you all so very much!

Hayley Easley, Oklahoma City, USA (After the Rainbow Rug, Custom Colours)

I just wanted to say your customer service is fantastic!

Amy Arpadi, New York, USA (Bubbles Rug, Standard)

The rug has been received and is in situ looking absolutely delightful. Thank you for 18 hour turn round, amazing. Janet

Janet, South End on Sea, UK

We are very pleased with the rug. It looks lovely in our garden room.

Mr and Mrs Jones, Kent, UK

Rugs set on their places… We just love them! Especially my two kids who found them “colourful” (my daughter’s favourite colour) and “adorable strange shape” (the words from my son)! As for me: just like I have imagined for that place and I couldn’t find it this two last years! Simply perfect! Thank you for making my house just as comfortable as I could imagine!

Congratulations on the kind of rugs you produce! Absolutely amazing!

Claudia Rodrigues, Porto, Portugal (After Matisse Rug, Medium)

We love the rug! Thank you so much for all your help. In the end, this was the perfect choice! Regards, Deborah

Deborah Judd, New York, USA (After Albers Deep Rug, Standard)

Dear Sonya, It has arrived! Can’t l tell you how thrilled I am. It is every bit as fabulous as I imagined it would be. Thank you and thank you for getting it to me so speedily. What a joy it was to come downstairs this morning and be greeted by my new rug in all its glorious colours in the morning light. It has already received much attention from the various visitors who keep turning up to see my new house – all positive!

Leonie Henderson, Manningtree, Essex, UK

I just wanted to let you know how I found you and how your beautiful rugs have made such an impact all over the world. Sincerely, Julie

Julie O’Brien, Sedona, USA

My Silvia is very busy at the moment, therefore I send you some pictures of our new rug: I like it very much and it feels very comfortable for me. It is my quality time to sleep on it! Paw, Bennie, Executive Rug Inspector.

Silvia Wachsmann, Vienna, Austria (After Matisse Purple Rug, Standard)

Hi Mary, The rug was delivered today, we’re so excited and absolutely love, love it. I attached a few photos for you to see. We’re still trying different chairs, etc. but we really love it. Thank you again for everything and please thank Sonya for me.

Fran Zynis, Florida, USA (After Matisse Rug, Standard)

We love our new rug! Here is a picture of our living-room. Regards, Eric

Eric Lorenzi, Paris, France (After Matisse Rug, Standard)

I always wanted to say you guys are doing a hell of a job with these beautiful, extremely sophisticated and yet simple rugs! Thank you for the joy of looking at them!

Vadym Vaslenko, California, USA (The Kiss Orange Rug, Small)

New rug arrived and looking splendid in its new home! It really has met my expectations! Thanks again for your great customer service. I’ll certainly be recommending you to others. All the best, John

John Lambert, Stirlingshire, UK

I love, love, love my rug!! In fact, the whole family is thrilled with how beautiful it looks and feels.Thank you so much. It was wonderful to come home to. Best wishes, Ruth

Ruth Hart-Brown, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK