Our rug arrived yesterday. My wife loves it (and so do I). The colours match our furniture very well. Best wishes, Gary

Gary Bandy, Peak District, UK (After the Rainbow Rug, Medium)

A belated happy new year to all at Sonya Winner Rug Studio! At last I have been able to get back to my client and have taken a picture of the rug in situ….doesn’t it look fab!!! Perry the cat likes it too!! Many thanks and best wishes…..I need to sell more of these rugs!!!

Allwyn Carr Interiors, West Yorkshire, UK (After Albers Deep Rug, XXX Large)

The Rug and the Cushions are perfect! Thanks a lot for your professionality. I attached a photo of the room. Best regards and Warm wishes

Riccardo D’Alessandri, Rome, Italy (After Matisse Rug, Standard & After Matisse Cushions)

It’s a WOW. Please thank everyone. Best regards, Roger

Roger Putt, Devon, UK (Rainbow Runner, Custom Size)

The rug is just beautiful, with gorgeous vibrant colours – it literally lights up the room. I went to the Matisse Cut-Outs exhibition at the Tate a while ago, and I have to say that if the rugs had been displayed there they would have completely overshadowed the cut-outs. Please congratulate Sonya on her beautiful work – it is simply exquisite.

Eva Armstead, London, UK

Thank you so much for all your help. We love it! Here’s a photo of it in our new showroom.

Libby Birch, Moose Toys, Victoria, Australia (Bubbles Rug, Standard)

Dear Mary, My new Standard After Matisse rug arrived safely and without incident on the date you had kindly arranged. It is resplendent in my ultra-modern, contemporary house, residing in the living-room. The two smaller matching rugs are in my dining-room and entrance hallway. These rugs so perfectly fit my new house that I feel they were especially designed and made for “Betula”. They are splashes of brilliant colour in intriguing shapes, works of art on oak floor set off against white walls. They complement the design of my home to perfection. So glad I discovered you, just by chance, online. What a find!

Christine Nickson, Cambridge, UK

Talk about service! Our Sonya Winner “After Matisse” New Zealand hand knot wool carpet arrived yesterday in the early afternoon. It was shipped from London on Friday and arrived Monday!!! We couldn’t be more pleased with our choice and plan to order another carpet/runner down the road. What’s interesting about this carpet is the raised finishes which we hadn’t expected but it gives the carpet a more three dimensional look. And the burst of color fits perfectly.

Wally Prawicki, Arizona, USA (After Matisse Rug, Medium)

The rug just came……..we LOVE it!!!!!

Fran Lasky, Florida, USA (Bubbles Rug, Medium)

My husband finally moved into his new office, and I’m so pleased to show it off! This rug is absolutely perfect. We’re so pleased with it!

Maria Hanson, Willmar, Minnesota, USA (After Matisse Rug, Standard)

Hi Sonya, We are very pleased with the rug. I really love how the room look has improved. I have attached a picture, it looks much better than in the photo though.

Marina Cacciagrano, London, UK (Jellybean Coconut Rug, Medium)

I am in love with my rug and couch and with the great duo they are when next to each other:) I made an Instagram post and tagged you in it.

Justine Lambert, New York, USA (Prism Pastels Rug, Small)

Your rugs look even better in real life!!

Mr and Mrs Emmanuel, London, UK (Rainbow Runner, Custom Size)

Gostei muito do tapete e, também da “pontualidade britânica”… não é só para inglês ver… rsrs… Só gostaria de registrar minha surpresa do valor da taxa alfandegária, foi praticamente o valor do tapete!!!!!!!! De toda forma, amamos o tapete e ele ficou lindo na minha sala. Parabéns pela sua criatividade. Congratulations on your creativity!

Sandra Lucia Santos, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (After Matisse Rug, Small)

Sonya, We received the rug yesterday. It is perfect. As you can see from the pictures, we are already enjoying it. It certainly was worth waiting for. Thank you so much. Have a very happy holiday and a healthy new year! Thanks again

Terri Mason, Florida, USA (The Kiss Orange Rug, Small)

Hi everyone at Sonya, the cushions are in a class of their own, and CLASS is the word. Thank you.

Maria, Isle of Wight, UK

Thanks Sonya. We are absolutely delighted with the Rothko-esque rug, which is now unpacked and in place. Many thanks again for your help and advice. Regards David

David, Middlesex, UK (Rothko-esque Deep Rug, Standard)

Received the new rug today and thank you so much for your help. Will buy another bigger one soon! I’ve attached a pic of how the new rug looks like in my house. I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

Carey Ang, Singapore (After Matisse Rug, Standard & After Matisse Cushions)

The bubble rug arrived and we just love it. It is like I sent you a picture of our room and you designed it for us! Thanks so much!

Terri Mason, Florida, USA

The cushions arrived safely and have really brightened up the room!

Sarah Dowling, New Zealand (After Matisse Cushions)

I am delighted with my rug, I thought the last one that I had made was quality, but this is in a different league. The wide angle lens does not do it justice. It was my friends at Fiat Lux who gave me your name so I have to thank them twice. Many thanks and very best wishes, Min

Min Farrell, Somerset, UK (Rainbow Rectangle Rug, Medium)

Lucie, Here are some pics of the After Matisse rug in our sun room. We are waiting for the matching cushions to arrive. Enjoying the “art” on the floor every day!

Bruce Holt, Tennessee, USA (After Matisse Rug, Standard)

Wow, fantastic service. I expected to wait longer. Thank you.

Vincent, Brighton, UK

I think our Bubbles rug looks good and fits perfectly. My husband even commented that it looked good and was a good choice. You have some really neat items!

Lizette Lawien, Minnesota, USA (Bubbles Rug, Small)

The rug is perfect! It’s like you’d seen our house. It is just gorgeous! Thanks for all your help. We love the rug. Terri

Terri Mason, Florida, USA (After Matisse Rug, Small)

Dear Sonya and Caroline, I just received my new rug, which fits my living room and library perfectly, as per attached photo. I wish you a Happy New Year and All the Best. Krzysztof Groniowski

P.S.Hope to do some more shopping in your Studio next year.

Krzysztof Groniowski, Warszawa, Poland (After Matisse Rug, Small)

We just received the After Matisse rug which we ordered from you through our Designer Celia Vogel, CV Design Associates. Firstly, let me tell you how thrilled we are with the rug; it more than exceeds our expectations. The colors are luscious, the quality is beautiful, and it does for our living room exactly what we had hoped it would do. Attached are some photos of the rug in situ (phone camera and room still in progress).

Danielle Boker, New York, USA (After Matisse Rug, XXX Large)

Thanks! We are so pleased with how the rug is holding up with heavy usage. I emailed the link to your website for the little video that tells about our library and shows the rug.

Cindy Fesgen, The da Vinci Academy, Colorado Springs, USA (After Matisse Rug, Large)

I want to thank all of you so much for all the help you have given me throughout our journey together to create the most special rugs one could ever imagine for my home.

Carol Fullerton, Maryland, USA (Vortex Rug, Custom Size)

I love the rug!! It looks so great. I’m so excited to have ‘discovered’ Sonya’s work!! I’ll be looking for more opportunities to work together.

Heidi McBride, Portland, Oregon, USA

Thanks so much to all the kind folks at Sonya Winner for a flawless transaction! Our new rug arrived yesterday afternoon and we could not be more pleased. Warm regards

Xenry and Robert Blitzer, Inverness, California, USA (Tree Trunk Rug, Custom Size)

Dear Sonya Winner, the rug has arrived. It is so beautiful!

Tove Brit Stærfeldt, Stavanger, Norway

WOW Just like your photos, wonderful.

Selina and Simon Russel, Hampshire, UK (After Matisse Rug, X Large)

The rug is down and looks lovely/whimsical/joyful….and perfect for our library!

Gwen Emery, Raleigh NC, USA (Bubbles Rug, Large)

I am so excited the rug is perfect!!! I am so pleased to have met you, Sonya. I hope to see you again soon! Best regards, Pamela

Pamela Anderson, Milwaukee, USA (After Matisse Rug, Standard)

We love your art in our home!

Phil Goswitz, California, USA (After the Rainbow Rug, Custom Size)