Brilliant Brazil

Not long to go now before the excitement of the games in Rio.  After the success of our
own games here in London four years ago we are looking forward to another fun packed
couple of weeks in August, this time in sunny Brazil.

Brazil is a vast and diverse country, with miles of beautiful coastline, rainforest and the lively
cities of Rio and Sao Paolo.  It is famed for its carnival and its love of futebol, both of which
are embraced with exuberant passion.  During the carnival extravaganza, everyday reality is
turned on its head with elaborate costumes (fantasia in Portuguese) and a dizzying blaze
of colour and music.

It’s no wonder that our beautiful, bright rugs are so popular in Brazil!  The kaleidoscopic
After Matisse in particular has proved a firm favourite: featured in Brazilian
Casa Vogue, in the TV show Fantastico and in many private homes.  We are
delighted to receive testimonials that show how well the rugs have been received,
with clients pleasantly surprised by our quick and easy delivery.

The Brazilians certainly know how to have a party – we’re looking forward to sharing in
the fun during the celebrations and competitions in Rio!