Coffee Tables for Our Contemporary Rugs

We are often asked for advice on choosing a coffee table to compliment our contemporary rugs. Here are a variety of options which we think look fantastic and will certainly point you in the right direction in the journey to finding the right coffee table for you.

Our Custom Made Perspex Coffee Table

We are excited to launch our own transparent perspex coffee table that can be made at any size and dimension. It features a boxed top that has a lid which allows you to place your own ornaments or books into or place a corresponding section of one of our rugs woven to fit inside. The box top can be made a varying depths to accommodate your ornaments or rug section. We now have the first of these coffee tables in our showroom with a custom sized Kaleidoscope rug inside. If you are interested in this coffee table please enquire.

Our very own Transparent Coffee Table hand-made to your specification in perspex!

Transparent Coffee Tables

For an uninterrupted view of your designer rug this style of coffee table is very popular. It is practical and simple and your unique rug will have full visual impact. You are also unlikely to lose things under it because you can see everything below!

One transparent coffee table we really love is The Transparence Coffee Table by Adentro. For a High Street option look no further than the simple Gala coffee table from Habitat. We also love the Rosis Set of 3 Clear Glass Side Tables by Ligne Roset which offers a more versatile version of the completely transparent table as they can be clustered together to form a “rose” or separated as smaller side tables.

Modern Colourful Rugs - Sonya Winner Studio
Sonya Winner Rugs with a Selection of Transparent Coffee Tables

The Classic Noguchi Coffee Table

A firm favourite internationally the Noguchi table which we have at our showroom. The organic curves in the table gently oppose the angles in the After Albers Deep rug which it rests on. We welcome you for a visit so you can see the rugs in action with this table. This classic piece of furniture is a perfect companion to any kind of beautiful rug whether if be a modern rug or an antique rug and we find it in so many of our customer’s homes!

Contemporary Designer Rugs - Sonya Winner Studio
Sonya Winner Rugs with the Noguchi Coffee Table

The Glass Top Table

A glass top coffee table is an excellent choice for placing on top on your elegant contemporary rug, especially if it comes with thin metal or wooden legs. This allows the rug to be visible from all angles and doesn’t hide away the rug’s bold shapes and colours.

We love the Zorro coffee table by La Chance in blue, which offers us two overlapping large blue glass circles on blue metal legs, it could bring out the tones in the wool of the rugs and the circles could compliment the curves of our Bubbles Rug for example, or contrast to more angular rug designs such as the Rothko-Esque Rug or After Albers Cornflower rug.

The Dubai Coffee table by Tonin Casa from Eporta has a curved glass top and a variety of colours for the curved marble sculpted base.

The Infinity or Joint table by Porada again offers a classic design of the curved transparent glass top with a modern design base. The Sumo TT by Emmemobili offers classic round glass top with an oak base sculpted in a circular wave. Introducing these natural materials such as oak adds warmth and gravity to an interior.

Modern Rugs - Sonya Winner Studio
Sonya Winner Rugs with a Selection of Glass Top Coffee tables

Unusual Shaped Coffee Tables

This is a creative and very visually stimulating way of matching your coffee table with your irregularly shaped rug – by choosing a table whose structure reflects the composition of your rug.

A great company for a variety of table choices is – you will find coffee tables with a range of different coloured metal legs and round or rectangular wooden tops. The Santiago is rectangular or the Brooklyn is round so depending on the shapes in your surrounding interiors you might choose to match it or choose a table to add contrast!  Something to think about when choosing shapes is that soft curves are more forgiving than sharp corners if you have little people around.

The Quadex table by Jason Heap also caught our eye and is made of wood and glass, an example of a truly unusual piece of furniture. The angles in this table go so well with our Rothko-esque, Vortex Rug and our Rainbow rugs!

Modern Designer Rugs - Sonya Winner Studio
Sonya Winner Rugs with a Selection of Unusually Shaped Coffee Tables

Colourful Eclectic Coffee Tables

Most of you will already know that colour is at the core of all our designs, which is why we have a very soft spot for colourful, eclectic furniture and home accessories. Although combining a variety of colourful pieces within the same interior can seem challenging, the spectacular, refreshing and highly creative results are totally worth it. Just go with what you feel works for you and allow your imagination to play.

One of the pieces we really like is the Altavilla coffee table by Cappellini; a round coffee table, it comes in vibrant colours perfect with a Bubbles or Jellybean rug. There is also a lower ledge where you can store magazines and books, so the area looks clean and clear.

The Pebble Coffee Table Smarties by Nada Debs is another one of our favourite coffee tables. This table is fantastic in a corporate setting or larger living room. It has an easily adjustable shape that allows you to be playful and creative in when placing it position and looks wonderful with our Bubbles rug.

The Bisel BIS02 by Patricia Urquiola in vibrant angular green glass is another gorgeous option that goes very well with our After Albers Cornflower and Kaleidoscope rugs. The deep vibrant blues and greens and the angles in the patterns are echoed in the Bisel beautifully.

The Shimmer or LA Sunset are another two fantastic contemporary glass tables by Patricia Urquiola with even brighter colours and alternative shapes which could be reflected in the tones and shapes of your vibrant contemporary rug.

Simple Metal tables

The Ermione coffee table from Meme design is a very simple chic option in metal, with a huge range of colours, the Ermione has a choice of height and width and combines a circular top and a collection of triangles for the base. The combination of curves and angles are wonderfully reflected in so many of our handwoven rug designs. The softness of the wool or silk in our rugs contrasting to the cold steel of the metal can also heighten the impact of both pieces.

The Ermione coffee tables also come with marble tops which could add another luxury material and texture to your interior.

Rubelli Donghia also does a range of beautifully elegant metal tables, you can see an example below how a simple metal table by Rubelli Donghia works exquisitely in contrast to the curves in our Landscape Area Rug.

Modern Rugs - Landscape Kidney Rug Sonya Winner
Our Landscape Rug with a metal side table by Rubelli Donghia

Things to remember when purchasing a coffee table!

Size: Choosing the right size for your space: you will need to be able to walk around your coffee table comfortably otherwise you are going to knock over your coffee cups or wine glasses and ruin your contemporary rugs!

Large dogs:  When a large dog wags their tail, that tail is at coffee table height and all the drinks end up on the floor which will be a total disaster for your designer rug and potentially a waste of some very good wine. We have seen this happen many times. If you have a Labrador, maybe just get some higher side tables for beside the chairs and sofas and leave the centre of the room for the dog.  Most of the table designs we have mentioned have a range of sizes.

Coasters:  Metal, glass and marble table tops still need coasters just as much as wooden table tops to avoid heat and water rings.

Enjoy the search for your coffee table.  We hope you find something that you can treasure and that, along with your floor art, brings you joy every day!

Our Favourites…

Here is a selection of our favourite coffee tables at the moment. Let us know what your favourites are!

Coffee table recommendations for our contemporary rugs - Sonya Winner Studio

1. Altavilla Table by Cappellini
2. Pebble Coffee Table by Nada Debs
3. Zorro Coffee Table by La Chance
4. Shimmer Table by Patricia Urquiola
5. Dubai Table
6. Ermione Table by Meme Design
7. Quadex by Jason Heap
8. Transparence Coffee Table by Adentro
9. Tango 40 by Reflex
10. Sumo – TT by Emmemobili
11. Nej Table by Dar En Art