Custom Rugs – Discover the perfect blend between traditional and contemporary design, in a manor house

This week we talk to interior designer Helene Dabrowski about bringing vibrant modern interiors into an English country home in the Cotswolds with the help of some of our bespoke contemporary rugs.

“I was working on a manor house in the Cotswolds for a client who loved colour. When it came to select some rugs for three different areas of the house, Sonya’s rugs were the perfect choice for her bold use of colours and they complimented the schemes perfectly,” Helene remembers.

Helene Dabrowski

Helene Dabrowski is known for creating stylish and eclectic interiors. She describes herself as “an interior colourist” and says she “views spaces as paintings, needing strong composition and multiple layers”, which is how she came to discover our collection of modern artistic rugs!

Helene’s clients are always an integral part of the decision making process at every stage. She describes it as “detective work”, saying it is essential to understand a client’s lifestyle and to discover what makes them happy in terms of design. The client testimonials on her website confirm that Helene listens and absorbs the needs and tastes of her clients with the most effective results.

Helene’s strong relationships with architects and contractors ensures that the designs are delivered as envisaged. The Cotswold property was originally made up of two buildings, the main house and the coach house. A link was built between them, creating more interior space but preserving the traditional exterior walls. These new open spaces eventually became the home to some of our bespoke rugs and wonderfully combine the age of the property with the modern textures of the interiors.

The Manor House

Contemporary Designer Rug in Manor House Design
Interior design by Helene Dabrowski featuring Bubbles Rug by Sonya Winner and Pendants by Curiousa & Curiousa

Helene used the Bubbles rug to create a link between an open plan dining room, living room, a passage way to the breakfast room and the staircases. The unusual shape of the rug brought the four spaces together and also worked beautifully with the colourful custom pendants from Curiousa & Curiousa.

Luxury Custom Rugs for Living Room
Interior design by Helene Dabrowski featuring Vortex Circular Rug by Sonya Winner

“This space was previously the entrance to the house but we transformed it into a snug. I love the pop of colour the rug brings against the very deep dark blue of the walls. The rug almost acts as a painting on the floor,” Helene says.

This rug is the Vortex Circular rug and is available in various sizes. The combination of the original stone fireplace with the modern fabrics and textures creates a unique and cosy interior space, blending traditional and contemporary style perfectly.

Interior design by Helene Dabrowski featuring custom Landscape Rug by Sonya Winner. Photo Credit: Veronica Rodriguez

“A link was built between the main house and a coach house which now serves as the new entrance to the house. The walls are the original external stone with a beautiful rough texture full of character. To soften the space and add colour, we commissioned two bespoke rugs in a graduation of pinks to purples in New Zealand wool and silk. I particularly enjoyed picking out the coloured tufts with Sonya from 100s of colourful samples!” Helene explains.

The rugs used here are bespoke versions of our Landscape Rug designs.

Interior design by Helene Dabrowski featuring custom Landscape Kidney Rug by Sonya Winner. Photo Credit: Veronica Rodriguez

An interior designer is so much more than someone who has a flare for interiors. A truly exceptional interior designer is someone with the personal skills to keep everyone happy, to negotiate and ease the communication between the clients, the suppliers, the architects and the contractors. Someone who can channel their clients interior tastes and use their own experience and knowledge to bring everything together.

Our custom rugs are only a small piece of the puzzle but it was wonderful for us to have the opportunity to collaborate with Helene and her clients to create unique rug designs that will give their owners truly individual interiors that will inspire them every single day. You can contact Helene at: