Don’t Lean Back! – Vibrant, Contemporary and Ergonomic chairs!

Thrilled to be one of the first to receive the vibrant new Max II chairs from Tom Wates’ Don’t Lean Back (DLB). Tom was a school teacher who noticed that pupils would often lean back in their chairs, disrupting the class and causing accidents. He set about making a product to remedy this and in 2007 the first DLB chair was born. This chair was selected by Bloomberg as one of ‘25 products that might just change the world‘. Tom has now introduced the Max II: a beautiful, colourful, affordable, stackable, durable and recyclable new chair design. The Max II encourages good posture and, because of the anti-tilt design of the legs, prevents people from leaning back and hurting themselves. Designed and made in the UK, you can choose from a range of colours or commission bespoke coloured options for legs and shell to match your interior if you have a volume order, reasonably priced and delivered within 7 to 10 days – perfect!

We have bought some for the studio and we love them! What do you think?