How to use geometric design in your interior

Geometric designs have timeless appeal in contemporary interiors but now more than ever the trend for introducing clean lines, shapes and colours into our homes is flourishing.

In this new era of working from home, there is a demand for interiors to both inspire our productivity and calm us down at the end of the day.

We believe that geometric patterns and vibrant colours bring order and focus to the mind and stimulate mental wellbeing.

How to use geometric design in your interior

From repetitive-patterned wallpaper or Moroccan tiles, to a simple cushion cover or an upholstered headboard… the options are endless! Colours can be soft or bold. Patterns – large or small. The simplest way to introduce a geometric pattern into your home is with one of our very own geometric rugs. Our range of modern, luxury rugs compliment all kinds of interior styles and here are just a few examples.

Geometric statement pieces in neutral interiors

Choosing a neutral paint tone for the walls such as Farrow and Ball’s Wimborne White or Little Greene’s Slaked Lime, is the perfect backdrop for a vibrant contemporary rug. Giving it place in the room as a piece of contemporary art. Light oak furniture and natural fabrics or leather and darker furniture as seen below, also give our abstract rugs the focus for full dramatic effect and balance the interior as a whole. The After Matisse rugs in the example here not only adds excitement and colour to the room but also a sense of luxury and warmth.

Luxury Wool Rug After Matisse
Gyrofocus Fireplace by Focus, Noguchi Coffee Table and After Matisse Rug by Sonya Winner

Geometric design in eclectic/transitional interiors

If you are a colour junkie, then an eclectic collection of fabrics and furniture can be the natural habitat for one of our hand woven rugs – as seen in the pictures below which we are delighted to share from some of our clients. With shelving from Cubit Shop and magical pendant lights from Curiousa & Curiousa, here the rainbow effect of colours and diverse textures is Maximalism at its most powerful.

Geometric Design Contemporary After Matisse Rug
Modular shelving by Cubit Shop and After Matisse Rug and Cushions by Sonya Winner

Incorporating a vibrant wool rug amongst some colourful glass and woodwork can add softness and depth to a room for those ultimate cosy vibes. The trend for an abundance of interior plants and low lighting is often teamed with softness underfoot at the heart of the room for a really sumptuous, decadent feel. Hand woven wool or silk rug in a variety of colours can add texture and pattern and create that truly eclectic interior. You can go for an irregular shaped or a square rug, whatever feels more impactful for your space.

Geometric Design Luxury Rug Bubbles
Lights by Curiousa & Curiousa and Bubbles Rug by Sonya Winner

Our selection of vibrant runner rugs can also link rooms and spaces for an added layer of luxury and colour. Corridors are so often packed with character and shapes – pictures and photographs which haven’t found their way to a prominent wall in one of the main rooms so why not give a corridor even more impact with a super soft and colourful, geometric runner.

Rainbow Contemporary Runner Rug
Rainbow Runners by Sonya Winner in ‘Casa de Colores’, Arizona, USA

Matching geometric designs in your home

Elegant interior, with red velvet sofa and window and flowers
Kaleidoscope Rug by Sonya Winner

Our vast palette of colours means that finding matching interiors for our contemporary rugs is easy. We encourage clients to choose 2-3 colours from the rug for larger pieces of furniture (i.e. sofa, chairs, table) and then another 2-3 colours for accessories (i.e. vases, plant pots, ceramics.)

After Albers Deep Boutique Area Rug
After Albers Deep Rug by Sonya Winner

This design technique gives each piece of furniture and accessory its place to shine. This month we have been inspired by Swedish design company Fogia’s Supersoft and Supersolid furniture range for their bold colours and clean lines.