Importance of the GoodWeave label

GoodWeave is a network of non-profit organisations fighting child labour whilst supporting fair pay and working conditions for rug makers across the global supply chain.

Their efforts help children in disadvantaged positions have access to education and freedom away from child labour. GoodWeave also aims to tackle underlying causes for exploitation and improve circumstances for all workers.

GoodWeave help educate children and rescue them from child labour

The GoodWeave Label

This label, which can be found on the back of all Sonya Winner rugs, assures you that the rugs you buy were produced without child labor, forced labor, or bonded labor.

Each label has a unique code which can be traced back to a licensed producer ensuring transparency within the supply chain. GoodWeave makes regular inspections to production sites, making sure there is no discrimination, decent work and pay conditions and a minimised impact on the environment.

GoodWeave label guarantees ethical rug buying

By buying a rug with a GoodWeave label, you know that those who produced it have been certified by the GoodWeave committee so their work practices are all documented, checked and available to view. It is an exclusive assurance for you to know that you’re buying ethically and are not supporting harmful importers or manufactures.

To read more about GoodWeave and their international work, have a look at their standard approach.