Handmade Ceramic Tableware by Jars Ceramistes

We are delighted to now be a stockist of Jars Ceramistes’ handcrafted ceramic tableware at our London Hampstead Heath studio. Jars do not have many stockists as the majority of their work is made for restaurants so we are thrilled and honoured to be able to sell their work which always feels wonderful in the hand as well as looking stunning on any table.

Sonya purchased a few Jars pasta bowls over 8 years ago and since then they have been her favourite dish in her kitchen. She uses them for salad, soups, pasta, deserts pretty much everything! They still looks brand new having weathered family life and the dishwasher all these years. When the opportunity came to sell Jars we were all excited to receive the first batch of Jars Ceramistes’ pieces which arrived in June 2020.

Handmade Pottery by Jars Ceramistes
Wabi Ceramic Tableware Collection by Jars Ceramistes

Jars’ contemporary ceramic tableware is inspired by the simplicity found in nature. Their stoneware tableware is not only extremely high quality and strong but also has a casual feel to it. They have been created for those who enjoy the pleasure of being around a unique and beautiful table every day. These ceramics are simultaneously pieces of art as well as functional and useful everyday objects. We love how they bring a natural and homely feel to our studio and our visitors love them too.

The Value of Handmade Ceramics

Here at Sonya Winner it is really important for us to reflect our values within our own work and within the pieces we stock in our showroom. We place huge value on handmade objects and believe that well-made, beautifully crafted pieces are the key to creating a joyful environment that reflects the personality of the owner. Jars Ceramics fits so perfectly with our ethos of craftsmanship, value and unique design. Their pieces work beautifully alongside our rugs and the other craft objects and artworks in our showroom.

Handmade Ceramics by Jars Ceramicistes
Tourron Ceramic Tableware Collection by Jars Ceramistes

History of Jars Ceramistes

Jars is a pottery studio in the South of France, on the borders of Provence, founded in the late 19th century by Pierre Jars. Over the span of 150 years, Jars has evolved from its roots in horticultural pottery, using their closely guarded crafting techniques perfected across generations to create their current, contemporary tableware collection. Their unique handmade ceramics preserves their legacy of hand craftsmanship and high-quality materials. They have remained true to the founder’s creative vision of turning objects of day-to-day living into works of art.

Every piece is handmade in France and fired at temperatures up to 1280°C, making Jars Stoneware oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. These pieces are durable and you will certainly have them for life. They aim to uphold environmental friendliness in production by recycling their water and china clay mixes as well as recycling the exhaust heat from their kilns.

Handmade Craft Ceramic Plate by Jars Ceramistes
Wabi Ceramic Tableware Collection by Jars Ceramistes

View and download Jars Catalogue here.

You can see and buy Jars ceramics by visiting us at our Hampstead Heath Studio or you can order them via email: enquiry@sonyawinner.com or phone: +44 (0)20 3283 8776. We ship worldwide.