Top 3 Home Office Designs To Inspire Creativity

The need to create a productive Home Office environment has never been greater. Whether you are building a modern house at the bottom of your garden, converting your garden shed or simply redesigning your spare room, the trend for creating a separate area from the family home is here to stay.

The interior design of the space you choose is going to have a considerable impact on your work productivity. Minimizing distraction and maximizing focus and clarity is essential and we are all searching for new and inspiring ways to achieve this. The role of colour in home office design is key. Introducing a vibrant office rug can be the perfect place for this. Our contemporary rugs are packed with colours that are known for inspiring optimism, confidence and creativity!

Minimalist Home Office

A clear and open space can be the perfect contrast to many family home environments. The Garden Office trend is an opportunity to explore our more modern interior design whims. If the family home is Victorian or Georgian in architecture this is a fantastic opportunity to explore those minimalist desires!

An absence of clutter sharpens the mind. Hidden storage designs create clear walls where the introduction of an abstract rug can bring a vibrancy to the room and reflect the colours in the garden. The wool or silk fibres of our contemporary rugs also add warmth for those colder months.

Contemporary Rug for Home Office LR
Bespoke Perspex desk, Bubbles Rug by Sonya Winner

If you are converting a room inside the house there is still the opportunity to branch out from the interiors in the rest of your house. Find a new and exciting design to help change your mindset when you are ‘at work’. Pure white walls – such as Wevet by Farrow and Ball, with a flash of bold colour, for example, can dramatically change the way we focus our attention.

If you have converted a garden shed space you might have opted for eco friendly materials such as sustainable plywood or cork in a simple design.  These spaces are warm and simple in natural colours, so something bold and dramatic underfoot like our Kaleidoscope wool rug can add focus.

Corporate Home Office

If you are used to a corporate environment it might be effective to replicate that in your home workspace. Leather furnishings, white interior walls and wooden, black or industrial furniture and simple blocks of colour can help your home office feel separated from the family home and truly effect productivity. Our Jewel rugs have a softer tone while our Galaxy rugs have soothing lines and shapes. Both these modern rug designs are more tamed in colour, which might appeal to a more corporate interior.

Galaxy Rug by Sonya Winner

The addition of some simple ceramics or glass can add a touch of formality to the space to further enhance the feeling of being in a corporate environment.

Team Office Space by Green Retreats 1
Team Garden Office by Green Retreats

We love the garden studios created by Green Retreats, where it’s possible to ‘commute’ down the garden path and say goodbye to the kids at least until lunchtime. The clean lines and glass fronted doors are the perfect setting for a truly modern interior and a bright colourful rug.

Artistic Home Office

Artists and creatives often desire a more eclectic and vibrant interior space. One person’s clutter is another person’s inspiration! A lack of symmetry might be more appealing here. A creative space might invite more open shelving for inspirational books, magazines and ornaments such as the modular shelving options in bright colours from Cubit Shop.

Home Office - Artistic Workspace
The David Hockney SUMO Collector’s Edition and The Kiss (Orange) Rug by Sonya Winner

Wall art and sculpture or ceramics could further inspire and vintage desk lamps in bold colours can add artistic flare. We love the Brick Red Bellhop Table Lamp by Flos from The Conran Shop. And Pooky Lights are great for finding lampshades in all shapes and colours.

Bellhop Table Lamp by Flos
Bellhop Table Lamp by Flos