How to accessorise your statement rug: orange and purple home accessories

We are always delighted to see our rugs transforming a home. To our great joy, our rugs are often placed amongst eclectic, beautiful interiors showing their owners’ unique taste.

We often get asked where some of the home furnishings and accessories used in our photos come from. Here are some guidelines to help you in your next home makeover. We are taking inspiration from the warm and comforting colours found in our Albers Deep rug: oranges, pinks and purples. We hope you find it useful!

1.Contemporary rugs

Contemporary rugs are a great place to start your home makeover journey. Rugs are practical, to be sure, but they add incredible warmth and vibrancy through texture and colour. Sonya Winner rugs are made from 100% New Zealand Wool, or woven in Chinese Silk and Art Silk (also known as Viscose), which makes them soft, durable and easy to clean.

For most modern interiors, we recommend geometric or abstract rugs as their complex arrays of shapes tends to suit the clean lines of a contemporary home. Fit is key – your rug must be the right size – and we find that ’the bigger the better’ is a good rule to go by. As for colour, we like experimenting with different hues to find the perfect combination. Orange is particularly great at bringing joy and positivity into the home, especially when paired with warm pinks and soothing purples.

2. Cubit shelves and sofas

Modular Shelving

Cubit’s shelving system works to make every piece of storage adaptable and interlinked, all without the need for tools. Notches and hooks at the back of the module allows the modules to be either wall-mounted or floor-standing, the latter being delivered to you pre-assembled.

Modular Sofa

Just like the shelving, Cubit’s modular sofas aim to be as customisable as possible with over 100 fabrics, colours and dimensions to chose from. Much like our rugs, their sofa covers and cushions are easily cleanable.

3. Creare Paper Mache Pluto Lamp

Good lighting is key in any space. Good illumination can make a space seem bigger, especially if you have lightly coloured walls. Inspired by the dwarf planet, Creare’s Pluto Lamp is made of delicate, thin laters of environmentally friendly paper. The deep blue makes for a soothing addition to your room.

4. OSSON Factory Pendant Light

More industrial in style, the Factory pendant light is ideal to hang above your kitchen, bar area or work space. Coming in a range of colours, this sleek design can accentuate a modern interior by incorporating the detailing of an authentic warehouse light.

5. Francesco Rota Poufs

Francesco Rota is an interior designer based in Milan whose wide scope of work seeks to represent comforts, simplicity and timeless elegance. His bright orange and red Fuji poufs contribute to the warmth of the home with their texture and colour.

6. Deadgood Studio Capsule Chair

Part of the Capsule Collection, this comfortable design offers a range of customisation including five different fabric options, customisable colours and irregular buttons. Referencing both the solar system and 60s’ space-age adventure, the smooth design strikes a great balance between fun and sophistication.
7. HAY Cushions and Table

Eiffel Table

Designed by Line Depping and Jakob Jørgensen, the minimal Eiffel side table is perfectly suited for a mid-century interior. The smooth curves of its frame creates a seamless transition between its elements and the triangular shape makes for an adaptable furniture piece for your home.

Eclectic Cushions

For just that delicate touch, revamping your cushions to add colour highlights can do a surprising amount for a room’s transformation. HAY’s Eclectic Cushion Collection comes in a diverse range of patterns, colours and textures. The vibrant red, dusty pink and soft navy cushions would look particularly relaxing in the home.


Together, these items can create a beautiful room filled with comforting warmth. If you are inspired by this guide, why not unleash your creativity and create a mood board or two for your home.