How to choose the best rug to transform your room

Adding a Vibrant, Contemporary rug to a space, in your house or in your office is an extremely effective way to bring personality and warmth to the room. To make the best rug choice you need to consider the size, shape and colour to complement the colour scheme and dimensions of your room. You can search through our rugs using filters such as Runners, Cool Tones, Multi-coloured, Pastels, Warm Tones, Curves, Angles and Silks.

For example you may choose to soften a large open space, such as an entrance room, with the multitude of colour and layering effect of our Bubbles Rug or our Rectangular Rainbow rug. Or you can bring an extra level of tranquility to a living room, by choosing the Aqua Teal Sea Rug available in art silk rather than wool. To modernise your space or contrast white walls try using Vibrant Colourful designs such as our After Matisse or After Albers Rug.

To help you choose your rug email us to request our free Digital Visualising service. The way this works is you send us a mobile phone photo of the room you intend to transform, and we will digitally place any rug(s) of your choice into the image. We can visualise different rug sizes and different rug designs so you can make your choice and place your order in confidence and fulfil your interior design vision!

Here are a few examples of our Digital Visualising Service:

Choosing different rug colour schemes: Our Rainbow Rug and Dusk rug are colourways of the same design and have a totally different effect on the room:


Choose the ideal rug shape and colour: Having seen these four visuals, our client selected the Jellybean Berry Rug for their entrance hall, that echoes the beautiful blue walls.


Choose the best rug size for a room: Here the curved wall is perfectly complemented by our circular Bubbles Rug – the visuals below show that the Medium size feels rather lost in space, but the Standard size works perfectly!

If you are deciding between two different sizes do let us know and we can visualise it for you. All you need is to send us the measurements of a piece of furniture within the room or a wall length so we can approximate the rug size in the visualisation as best as possible. Also you will find our blog post on sizing useful.

For more ideas to help you choose your rug have a look through our Testimonials, where our clients from over 30 countries have shared the images of their Sonya Winner Rug. Also do take a look at our Inspiration page where you can see our rugs in many different types of interiors and at different sizes.

We would also be delighted to welcome you to book an appointment or visit our London studio to see how our designer rugs fit into a home setting and discuss your requirements.