Illusional Ceramics by Alice Rose

We are so excited to be the only stockist outside of New Zealand of Alice Rose’s incredible illusional ceramics and to have them in our Studio! We have her mirage vases, her illusional vessels and her figurative works. They were discovered by Sonya at the Auckland Art Gallery during her travels in New Zealand and have since become an inspiration and a daily source of charm.

Alice’s hand made and hand painted ceramics, created in her garden studio in Dunedin, New Zealand, continue to transfix our studio visitors. She toys with optical illusions and the theory of perception when creating her stunning ceramics. Alice’s art pieces regularly entice our visitors, and as optical illusions tend to, her work sparks conversation around perspective, illusion and visual perception. This creative conversation and appreciation of art is another reason why we love our studio – it is a hub for creativity, inspiring and stimulating those who visit, with colourful vibrant rugs and thoughtful art works.

You can buy Alice’s vases by visiting our London Showroom. You can also order them via email or phone and we will ship them to you wherever you are – we ship worldwide via door-to-door delivery services.

The Story of Alice Rose
Alice Rose points out that she makes her pottery by applying the principles of renaissance drawing and painting found on the 2dimensional plane to a flattened 3dimensional form. She builds as if drawing ‘in the air’ then decorates using the conventions of light, shadow and perspective to paint the vessel as if it is a picture.

Each piece has an ideal viewpoint and she works in monocular vision to shorten depth-perception. With the participation of the viewer’s perceptual expectations of objects in space, she aims to create a brief belief in the illusion of roundness.

Alice’s illusional ceramics arose from a drawing investigating form and pattern in light and dark. The vases explore the relationship between perspective and perception. By depicting a two dimensional image in three dimensional form, mirage vases appear to exist in a dimension of their very own. Being neither entirely two or three dimensional they seem to resist belonging to either.

Illusional Vessels focus on the pottery depicted in still-life paintings, drawings, photographs. In ‘Still-life’ pieces, Rose has brought the vessel out from the 2dimensional plane and made it 3dimensional again; the illusion of depth applied to flattened form. It is a 3dimensional painting of a vessel.

Her Figurative Works started with the notion that many pottery terms are named after parts of the body, as in shoulder, neck, belly, foot. This led her to apply the illusion of human female form, with line and shade, to fit the ceramic vessel, in a series called ‘Vase becoming Nude’.

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