How to accessorise your statement rug with lights

How you light your modern rug will really enhance the impact it has in the space. Contemporary rugs are pieces of floor art which deserve to be displayed to their maximum effect. The shifts in light during the day and into the evening can give your rug different levels of impact: from bright and fresh and spectacular, to cosy, soft and calming.

Natural light

Our Hampstead Heath studio is flooded with natural light from the glass fronted entrance hall to the number of large skylights at the back. This gives the vibrant colours of our rugs their full impact. We love to host visitors at the studio so they can relax and take in the quality and effect of the colourful rugs. Guests will sink in to the sofas with a glass of rosé and fall in love with the textures and colours of our rugs. It is a wonderful way to meet new people and spread the joy of modern interiors. A common question we get asked is if the sunlight fades the rugs. The truth is that over time any rug or textile will fade a little, but there are things you can do to slow down that process. Avoid placing your rug in direct south facing sunlight and double glazing can also minimise fading. Modern homes often have lots of natural light and they are the perfect environment to enjoy your contemporary rug and absorb the colours at their most vibrant.

Natural light in contemporary interior

After the sun goes down…

When the sun goes down and the lamps go on or the fire is lit, the colours of any interior shifts. The Farrow and Ball paint colours on the walls look totally different and it is the same for your contemporary rug.

The vibrant turquoise hues in the aqua teal runner for example become darker and softer, the bright fuchsia in the After Matisse becomes richer and even more luxurious. Here are some ideas about how to enhance your evening experience of your contemporary rug.

Contemporary Rugs for Office- After Matisse

Modern lighting

Multicoloured pendant for kids room
Interior design by Avocado Sweets. Featuring: Bubbles Rug with Wooden Hanging Pendant Light by Beautiful Halo

Modern lamps are endlessly pleasing to the eye and there are so many ways to be creative with them. The projects created by the Interior Design team at Avocado Sweets are some of our favourites when it comes to the use of modern colourful lights. The image above shows their design for a children’s room in London featuring an amazing colourful pendant that complements our Bubbles Rug.

But if you’re looking for a modern classic, then the Arco Floor Lamp by Flos is a great choice. Inspired by street lights, this piece is extremely versatile and goes well with a variety of different interior styles and tastes. You can see below how the curves contrast beautifully with the angles of the After Matisse Purple Rug.

Unique Designer Rugs - After Matisse Purple Rug
After Matisse Purple Rug with Arco Lamp by Flos

The classic Petra Sole crystal and bronze ceiling light and the Onyx Ring ceiling light by Wired Designs are wonderful accessories for a sleek contemporary style. You can see in the image below how harmoniously they complement one of our more neutral designs – the Landscape Rug.

Luxury Gradient Rugs - Landscape Rug

Antique lighting

Those antique lamp stands have been in your family for generations, but will they compliment your modern rug? Eclectic interiors and the trend for maximalism are as popular as ever. If you can find a lamp shade that ties together your antique style and your modern rug with colour and design then the problem is solved. We love Pooky lights in Kensington where they sell lampshades in a huge range or colours and shapes and sizes. Another lovely trick to update an antique lamp is to rewire it with a colourful new flex.

PookyLamps - Interior design ideas - contemporary lighting to go with your designer rug
Selection of Lamps from Pooky Lights in Kensington


The trend for clear glass pendants feels really modern and fresh and complements the modern feel of our abstract rugs. The curve of glass orbs can mirror any of our round rugs, the Jellybean or Echoes of Light range and of course our classic Bubbles rug. We adore these multicoloured pendants from Curiousa & Curiousa seen here with our Bubbles rug in a Cotswold country home hallway which was put together by interior designer Helene Dabrowski.

Contemporary Designer Rug in Manor House Design

Interior designers will tell you that lighting is the key to the design and impact of your space. Any artist whether in a museum or gallery, theatre or film will spend a huge amount of time and budget on the lighting. So light up your contemporary floor art! Whether fresh bright and open or warm dark and cosy, your lighting options are endless and can be ever changing, shifted and modified.

We love…

Here is a selection of contemporary lighting that we are loving at the moment. Much like our rugs, these are unique and interesting designs, which break traditional design norms and bring into your space something new, exciting and unusual.

Interior Design Ideas - Contemporary Lighting to go With Your Designer Rug

  1. Pixeled Lamp by Seletti
  2. Bird Lamp by Fish Design Market
  3. Decompose light floor lamp by Artemide
  4. Mouse Lamp Love Edition by Seletti
  5. Memory Ceiling Lamp by Brokis
  6. Bracelli Floor Lamp by BD Barcelona
  7. Mini Voliere Table Lamp by Mathieu Challières
  8. Belle de Nuit Floor Lamp by Lladro
  9. Tubetto Ceiling Lamp by Vesoi
  10. Putina 70/PI Ceiling Light by Vesoi
  11. Spica 20 Systemlight Suspension Lamp by Quasar
  12. Drop by Veronese
  13. Simple Light 0129 by Opossum Design
  14. Moonwalk by Thomas de Lussac
  15. Sinuously (Bronze) by Maison Luisella
  16. DO light by Olmo Studio
  17. Native Chandelier by Same Tree
  18. Orb Chandelier by Pooky