Kids rugs: Top ways to improve your children’s bedroom

All of us need our own space, especially now when so many of us are doing our best to stay home with our families. While your child or children are staying cosy indoors, it’s important that they have their own snug nook where they can relax and let their imagination roam free. So, if you have some spare time, now would be the ideal chance to brighten up your child’s bedroom with a kid’s rug.

Making a kid’s bedroom comfortable and safe

For a child’s room, a rug can serve both as a soft floor covering and as a safe play zone. The plush pile of the rug can protect your child from a hard floor but make sure to keep this zone at a distance away from potential furniture hazards.

Bubbles Rug for nursery

A rug can protect your flooring from scratches and if you get the right material for your kid’s rug, it will be easy to clean and maintain.

Wool rugs are the best material for a kids rug

Out of all the materials, wool work best in a child’s bedroom or playroom thanks to its durability and comfort. Our advice is to avoid using synthetic fibre in your rugs because it can cause allergies and may be treated with harmful chemicals. Rugs made of natural fibres tend to be more durable, with better heat retention and sound absorption (great for improved acoustics).

Kaleidoscope Rug in child’s room

Pure wool is a durable material which is stain resistant, making those accidental spills easier to deal with. For a playroom rug, which will be walked, jumped and rolled over, the resilient pile will keep its shape and springiness. If well maintained, your wool rug will be as soft and squishy under your hands and feet as it was when you first bought it.

It’s also important consider how the rug of your choice is woven. Hand-knotted rugs are considered heirloom quality (ideal long-term investment), with every knot made entirely by hand on a vertical loom. Likewise, hand-tufted rugs will still look great 20 years down the line. They are less costly to make thanks to their manufacturing process involving the use of a hand-tool which is loaded with wool and then punched into the canvas.

Best placement for kid’s rug

Rainbow Rectangle Rug for nursery playroom

Always consider the rug size and shape. In a children’s room, the rug should at least cover the floor space making up the child’s play area. If the room is larger then an area rug is recommended. Your kid’s rug should be at least two feet (60cm) shorter than the width and length of the room. If you wish to create distinct segments in the room, then try using two smaller rugs to give the illusion of different spaces; for example, one for play and one for study. With smaller sizes, round rugs work particularly well, often appearing larger in the room than they really are.

Brightening up your child’s mood with vibrant rugs

Colours can completely transform the mood of a room. Yellow is the colour happiness as it’s scientifically proven to release serotonin that helps make you feel good. Thanks to its ability to lift your spirits and stimulate creativity, you will see it interwoven into many of our designs. Green mimics nature thus invoking a soothing effect to promote relaxation. Vibrant pinks can be used to bring a sense of optimism and inspiration whilst reds and oranges can help your child keep up their energy.

Jellybean Mango Rug in child’s bedroom

Whatever the colour, vibrant rugs are great for stimulating a child’s mind and creating a cheerful space for them to spend their time in. Variations in rugs are limitless however, for a timeless design, geometric and abstract rugs are best for conveying both creativity and stylishness.

The vibrancy of our designer rugs is often created by overlapping different colours. Your child can enjoy trying to puzzle out how the transparency works and, for younger children, our multicoloured rugs are perfect as a teaching aid for colour names.

Finding the right kids rug and how we can help

Finding the perfect rug for your child’s bedroom can be a time consuming task. We’re here to help you make the right choice with our Digital Visualisation service. Just send us pictures of your room and we will digital drop in a variety of our contemporary rugs to find the perfect one for your space.