London Design Festival 2019 – Launching New Vibrant Contemporary Rugs

Today kicks off the beginning of London Design Festival 2019. We are very happy to be among some of London’s top designers involved in this celebration of colour, art and design. Throughout the week there will be exhibitions, installations and inspirations to feast your eyes on.

Exploring How to Use Colour to Change Your Space, we will be hosting an exhibition in our London Showroom on Saturday 21st September. Here you will see the new vibrant colourful designs we are launching for LDF. It will be a free exhibition, and we are also providing a range of British wine and cheese to celebrate the occasion!

Two new vibrant contemporary rug designs launched by Sonya Winner at London Design Festival 2019

Our New Designs for London Design Festival

Firstly, we have our Magic Stepping Stones Runner. This highly interactive and visually striking design celebrates the power of colour in transforming homes. It was inspired by the exciting uncertainty of looking through a kaleidoscope. With an adventurous design, this rug is great for injecting vibrancy into your interior. This has been a particularly popular design in the lead up to London Design Festival so far.

We have also released the complex Kaleidoscope Rug. It comes in Regular and Irregular versions. This bright and modern design is crafted to create a vivid intensity through its exploration of colour and light. The result of expert hand carving and weaving really celebrates the design process, and demonstrates the timeless skill of rug making.

Celebrate Art and Design in Our London Showroom

And of course, our other designs will line the walls and floors of our studio. Favourites, such as the colourful After Matisse, and art-inspired After Albers will be on display. You can truly see how colour can change your space, get an interactive experience of how our designs are created, and talk to Sonya about her colour expertise.

Vibrant contemporary rugs are the focus of our studio, but we also want to use our space as a hub for art and design. Beautiful handmade illusional ceramics by Alice Rose provoke inspection and stimulate conversation. Jewellery by Royal College of Art’s Karola Torkos explores colour in handmade jewellery. Finally, we have incredible designs by Sarah Straussberg and Sarah Herriot.

If you are London-based, or just visiting, London Design Festival 2019 is a brilliant time to explore the talent London has to offer, as well as supporting local business. Other colour lovers will be showcasing their work, such as BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE at Protein Studios, and Camille Walala on South Molton Street.

We hope to see you there!