Metal wall sculptures by David Gerstein

A statement rug can totally transform a space, so the art that you pair with the rug needs to be just as bold and eye catching. A modern artist that we love here in the studio is David Gerstein. His wonderful metal wall sculptures are bursting with life and we believe they are the perfect companion to our brightly coloured contemporary rugs. We would like to share some of our creative design ideas on how to curate your space and surround yourself with vibrant bursts of colour.

A modern master of colour

Israeli born Jewish artist David Gerstein is primarily a painter and a sculptor, working with bold colour palettes to create wonderful modernist art. His inspirations range from pop art to impressionist paintings, making eye-catching metal wall art that could breath life into any space. Here in the studio we cannot get enough of his ‘wall sculptures’, three dimensional steel and aluminium cut outs that can either be hung on the wall or can be placed on a mantle. These pieces explore themes that range from the dynamic movement of cyclists speeding by to vases of flowers bursting with life. His pieces are all hand painted and the colourful brushstrokes create a dynamic energy and colourful presence.

Pairing your contemporary rug with the perfect piece of metal wall art

The way that we use bold colours in our statement rugs work alongside Gerstein’s metal sculptures in a wonderfully complimentary way. We have a small standing sculpture of his here in the studio and it is one of the ways we like to keep the space feeling inspirational. Many of our previous happy customers also have pieces of his and have sent us photos of their rug and their Gerstein piece together in their homes. We absolutely love the way the the colours and the dynamic shapes create a conversation between the two statement pieces, making a space looking curated and carefully put together.

Metal Wall decor by David Gerstein

For example here is his artwork Pond alongside our rug Jellybean Berry. Pond is reminiscent of an impressionist painting, the way he has crafted the aluminium looks like smooth brush strokes wonderfully echoing the flow of water, creating a metal painting. He has used vibrant shades of blue and many different layers which create the illusion of depth. Looking at it you really feel as if you are looking into a glassy pool. The shimmering shades of dusky blues and purples that we have used in the Jellybean Berry design are really brought out when you see these two pieces side by side, creating a wonderful conversation between the two. Jellybean Berry extends the idea of a shimmering pond, creating a tranquil, calming atmosphere. The complimentary orange fish on Gerstein’s piece are the perfect accent to create an energy and bring in warmth.

Contemporary interior design idea for adorning your walls

One of Gerstein’s main objectives with his art is to break boundaries between disciplines – flowing easily from ceramics, to metal sculpture, to paper cut outs to more traditional painting. Here in the studio we love to blur the boundaries between the idea of home furnishings and modern art. Each of our pieces is carefully designed, and produced with the highest quality craftsmanship. The result is a piece that works just as well as a piece of wall art as on the floor.

Contemporary metal sculpture by David Gerstein

Here, our vibrant rug Bubbles Outline hung as wall art beautifully interacts with Gerstein’s piece Couple of Strokes. The way in which the colours are balanced on these two pieces is very similar, creating a satisfying symmetry that pleases the eye. Another way these two works are complimentary is the way that motion is used. Each piece uses dynamic shapes to create a feeling of flowing energy, which will enliven your home creating a bright, energetic space. You always need one element of contrast to create a dynamic space, and the tactility of these two works is the perfect yin and yang. The deep, pure wool pile of the rug creates a soothing warmth when displayed on the wall, absorbing sound and creating a comforting feeling in any space. The cold, brightness of the metal sculptures is the perfect contrast to this, creating a constant interaction between the two pieces making your space seem carefully thought out and beautifully curated.

Using flower wall decor to brighten your space

One of the main things we love about Gerstein’s pieces is the energy! When many different colours that are perfectly balanced are introduced into a modern interior it creates a vibrational hum of energy. The colours bounce off one another to create a wonderful symbiosis. For example we think that the vitality from Gerstein’s metal flower sculpture Synergy beautifully compliments the array of shades in our Rosie Rug. It is not always easy to introduce many colours into an interior at once, but when they are carefully considered and beautifully balanced it can have a dazzling effect on your home.

David Gerstein wall sculpture

The Rosie Rug is the result of a beautiful creative collaboration between Sonya and her daughter Rosie. Starting from an abstract paper collage of overlapping organic shapes and colours, Sonya and Rosie worked together to re-imagine this handmade artwork as a modern and elegant contemporary rug.

When you invest in a statement modern rug such as the Rosie Rug you can easily compliment it with your soft furnishings. For example you could pick out a colour from the rug that you love and choose cushions in this shade to act as colourful accents in the space.