Make a Statement with Modern Entryway Rugs

First impressions count! As your front door is opened the mood of your home is being set. Your subconscious is constantly picking up clues from everything you see.

The choice of your entrance rug has a huge part to play in creating the atmosphere for your home. Choose how you want people to understand you and your home from what they see as soon as the front door is opened. Will it be: calm and tranquil, creative and original, formal or non-conventional? To set the tone and to bring light and definition to your space, a modern entryway rug is the most transformational tool you can use. We’ve collected a range of exciting examples of how clients around the world have used our contemporary rugs in entryways.

Modern Entryway Rugs

Tranquil and Nature-Loving

Jellybean Berry Rug and Echoes of Light Green Rug (Large)

Create a calm, fluid and tranquil atmosphere with our Echoes of Light Green rug. This round entryway rug in blues and greens connects the indoors with the outdoors. If you are a nature lover and want to bring a natural feeling to your interior, a flowing, nature inspired design like the Echoes of Light Green round rug is a perfect choice for your entrance rug. This client has used this large area rug in such a striking way, mirroring their round lobby table and also reflecting the stained glass in their doorway. Our Jellybean Berry Rug brings a fluid, calming and balanced atmosphere to a foyer.

Unconventional and Eccentric

After Matisse (XXL) and Bubbles (Large)

Express your personality in a big way by using a colorful geometric entrance rug. Our After Matisse and Bubbles rugs are unique and expressive designs that create a distinctive and fun entrance lobby. As the first thing you see when you enter they immediately bring a joyous energy to your home. For the unconventional and eccentric personality types, a bold statement like these designer rugs will express your true colorful self. By using a large entryway rug like these clients have you can really leave a lasting first impression on your guests. They will also make you feel uplifted every time you come into your home!

Formal and Elegant

Modern Designer Rugs - Rainbow and Dusk Rugs
Rainbow Square Rug (Large) and Bespoke Dusk Rectangle Rug (Large)

Our Rainbow and Dusk rugs create a remarkable first impression as entrance rugs. If you want an entry hall rug that’s different and enlivening but has a degree of order and neatness, then these indoor entry rugs are perfect. The interplay of shapes in the Rainbow and Dusk area rugs create order and direction in an entry hallway and act as a bold, artistic statement piece. These clients have styled them as elegant and formal foyer rugs that create a luxurious feeling as you enter their home.

Free and Playful

 Multicolored Rug - Rosie Rug
The Rosie Circular Rug (Large)

For the free-spirited and playful, a lively and colorful entrance rug like the Rosie Circular rug or the Happy Rug is perfect. Multi-colored rugs are fantastic for brightening up your entryway, especially if you have a neutral interior and want to make a bold statement that expresses your energy and personality! By adding an abstract area rug which has stimulating colors and textures, you can create a fun and energetic impression on your guests as they enter your home.