More Neutral Palettes at Sonya Winner Rug Studio

Sonya Winner Studio may be well known for rugs with vibrant colours, but we have also designed some wonderfully neutral rugs too. What makes a neutral palette in interior design so appealing? Neutral colours provide a blank canvas and when mixed with textural elements enhance the feeling of welcome in a room. A neutral backdrop can then be accented with splashes of colour and pattern where you can express your personality.

Rugs such as the Rothko-esque Grey combine a contemporary shape with soft pastel colours to create a stunning piece.

The Tree Trunk rug features soft creams, browns and purple tones of silk and wool creating a natural feeling of luxury.

The Prism Rectangle is made up of mauves, yellows, dusky pinks, and greens, blues and greys very much on trend for 2016!  It works well to bring some life and interest into a muted interior scheme.

The best part of a neutral interior is that it works with any style, be it contemporary, traditional, transitional or eclectic. Furthermore incorporating neutral colours in your room can increase the longevity of the design scheme. Softer furnishings such as cushions and smaller accessories can be updated from time to time but by keeping larger items neutral you can decrease the cost of redecorating on a more frequent basis.

Take a look at the full range of rugs, including both vivid and muted colours here.