Dining room rugs: how to find the perfect fit

The dining room is the centrepiece of any household. A place for both entertainment and relaxation, where families can come together over delicious food or where friends can share a drink whilst discussing the latest trends. To infuse this space with colour, modernity and practicality, dining room rugs are an essential piece of your interior design puzzle and thus you will need to find the perfect fit for you. Whether you’re hoping to introduce a note of tranquility into your busy life or to spice up your room with excitement and colour, use our handy guide to give you a head start in making your dining experience even more delectable.

Size is an important factor in dining room rugs

If you’re placing a rug under your dining room table then your priority should be in making the rug large enough to not just stretch underneath the table legs but to encompass the chairs as well, with some room leftover. At a minimum, the distance from the back of the chairs should be 30 inches/75cm though the ideal rug should stretch at least 60 inches/150cm away from each side of your table. Measure around your furniture placement carefully and if you find yourself limited for space, then consider investing in a runner to frame up your table. Our Rainbow Runner and Landscape Carpet Runner can introduce some multicoloured fun and comfort to your dining room.

Dinning Room rugs - Rockpool rug

The shape of your dining room rug should fit the space

A dining room area rug can transform a cluttered or barren room into a sophisticated, luxurious space by uniting the different elements under one comprehensive vision. Seamlessness in design can be achieved by ensuring that the rug matches the shape of your table, thus a circular dinning table would call for a circular rug. There can be exceptions to this rule when considering the overall aesthetics of the room as an irregular shape, such as our Kaleidoscope Irregular Rug, can bring a bold, contemporary feel to your space.

Dining Room Rugs - After Albers Cornflower Rugs

The dining room rug’s colour is important for setting the mood

While you might be tempted to chose a simple beige or a subdued pastel for your dining room rug, it would be a mistake to focus on plain, light colours as these are susceptible to stains which reduce the longevity of your luxury rug. Brash, passionate and striking colours are visually stimulating to the eye, drawing attention away from any of your room’s imperfections.

The right colour will transform the mood of the room completely so chose carefully the vibrancy and shade of your rug. For a calming, tranquil feel, you would want to focus on acquiring blue rugs or green rugs. Do not feel limited by these descriptors however, as there exists a plethora of choices amongst these simple categories such as turquoise, viridian, burnt cyan and cerulean blue, all just waiting to be the perfect match to your incredible colour schemes.

Reds and oranges incite passion, warmth and playfulness in your senses and can even act as a mental stimulant for kids as they think over their homework, spread-out across the dining room table. Speaking of children, we know that while kids are a joy, they can be a little messy so consider purchasing a rug with abrash colouration to better disguise those little accidents that even grownups are prone to.

Dining Room Rugs - Prism Vibrant Rectangle Rug

Our Rockpool Rug is an example of such abrash colouration as its range of colours is created from a mixture of materials, including our 100% New Zealand wool and Chinese silk, both of which are carefully hand knotted by GoodWeave artisan weavers.

You need a good quality dining room rug that will last

High foot-traffic is inevitable in the dining room and as such, it is highly important that your rug is made from quality materials. Durability and functionality should not come at the expense of luxury and comfort thus we combine the two by using intricately woven New Zealand wool with customisable pile height in order to give you a plush, soft rug to curl your toes into that will not stop you from pulling out a chair as you go to get seconds from the kitchen.

For some extra practicality in your dining room rug, we can employ a permanent fabric protector called MicroSeal which allows stains to be removed with ease and is particularly effective on natural fibres such as wool, cotton and silk.

Make use of our free Digital Visualising service for an easy way to view your potential rug designs. Just send in photos of your dining room from you phone, tablet or computer, and we will digitally place the best rugs for your space into your images to make your choice easier.