Third new design launching at Decorex: The Colourwheel Rug

Last but not least of the three exciting new designs we are launching at Decorex 2016 is The Colour Wheel Rug.

Colour has long been the subject of analysis by artists and scientists, and by long convention colours have been arranged with the three primaries equidistant on a wheel, gradually mixing to form intermediate colours.  Goethe’s Theory of Colours provided the first systematic study on the physiological effects of colour in 1810, and it includes this beautiful painted example.

Sonya has taken the traditional colour wheel, and given it a contemporary twist. The Colour wheel Rug is made up of energetic swathes of vibrant colour from the whole spectrum, held together in a vortex form.  Spinning circles within circles make for a very dynamic, lively piece of art for your floor or wall.  In addition to the exciting juxtapositions of hues, Sonya has created further interest with varied pile heights and hand carving, emphasising the sculptural quality of the rug.

The Colour wheel Rug is hand tufted in 100% pure New Zealand wool by GoodWeave weavers and is available exclusively in a variety of different sizes (and custom made from 5sqm / 55sq ft)  from Sonya Winner, online or by appointment at by appointment at our New London studio.  Or, very soon at Decorex – we hope to see you there!

PS: London’s Evening Standard has featured Sonya’s new design in its annual feature on the London Design Festival see below: