Which Wool Rug? Modern Rugs vs Moroccan Rugs

When searching for a high quality rug, natural fibre wool is the most durable material that you can find. From intricate rugs woven by artisans hundreds of years ago, wool has transitioned into modern designs – its materiality suits geometric floor pieces whose vibrant beauty can transform any home.

Should we leave behind those rugs steeped in centuries of history, or does a contemporary home need a more modern design to inspire true sophistication?

Discover with us the benefits of some of the most well-loved floor pieces in interior decor: modern rugs and Berber rugs.

What makes wool rugs so special?

The Wave

Pure wool rugs bring comfort into a space with their dense natural fibres, enhancing the depth of your room’s design. The fibre is quite extraordinary too, making wool rugs the perfect long-term investment. It is remarkably resilient. It also provides excellent insulation – adding warmth to your room and improving its acoustics by absorbing sound and softening the clatter of background noise.

We recommend adapting your rug’s pile length to the space; short pile wool rugs in your dining area as they recover well from the pressures and movements of dining chairs. In the living room or bedroom, the longer tufts will feel plush under your feet and the longer pile height will be excellent for absorbing sounds.

Tree Trunk Rug

Modern wool rugs are decorative and practical – they have the ability to transform a space whilst protecting the flooring below. When chosen for the quality of their craftsmanship, they become timeless investments. The right rug can also be a piece of floor art in itself.

We are fascinated by the craftsmanship required to weave using the two-thousand-year-old method of hand-knotting, which produces exquisite rugs considered to be of heirloom quality. The higher the knot count, the more time and skill required from the artisan – in other words, high knot count weaves are a sign of excellence and their superior quality is well-worth the investment. That isn’t to dismiss hand-tufted rugs, which are durable, beautifully hand-crafted and often used in palatial buildings in the Middle East.

Transform your space with Modern Rugs

After Albers Deep

Contemporary rugs are characterised by their diversity, geometric patterns, retro features and vibrant colours. Fiercely modern, these rugs speak for the uniqueness of their owners, often being paired with eclectic decorations to create rooms with a wonderful sense of individualism.

Complex shapes, bold and bright designs, can create the illusion of more space when carefully placed to complement the geometry of a room. Sonya Winner’s designs go a step further – they add luminosity, texture and dimension to each rug through hand-carved variations in pile heights.

Contemporary Wool Rug - Rothko Grey
Rothko-esque Grey

Complexity and depth are further emphasised by the interplay of vibrant colours.

Sonya’s expertise and unique insights into colour and transparency come from years of continuous experimentation and are grounded in colour psychology. Her work is cited in two textbooks on the USA curriculum: Colour in Compositions and Colour: How to Use It.

The popularity of Moroccan Rugs

Berber rugs have climbed in popularity recently, though they have been a staple amongst traditional Middle Eastern and North African rugs for centuries. Their patterns speak for themselves and their shaggy construction matches them to a more bohemian interior.

Be careful when looking for an authentic Berber rug. Unlike our modern rugs which have the assurance of being handmade by GoodWeave weavers – whose craft has been passed down through families over hundreds of years – many Moroccan rugs you see today will be factory-made copies.



Why are there so few examples of genuine Moroccan rugs? Simply put, the nomadic Berber people, who travel the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, did not produce enough rugs to supply the vast quantities needed to match the current demand.

If you’re after true craftsmanship, you must dig deeper to find handmade works. While these may come at a higher price, as with modern rugs, you are investing in an heirloom.

Morocco’s many Berber tribes (named so by outsiders, they named themselves the Amazighs) have deeply rooted cultures. Their rugs symbolise their traditions, sometimes woven with symbols of fertility, wealth and health.

Chose your wool rug based on your interior

When choosing any furnishings for your décor, you should always try to stay true to your vision. From there, take joy in experimentation, carefully selecting the ideal pieces and know that perfection is only a step away. We recommend making moodboards to collate your design ideas.

We would be delighted to help you find your perfect rug with our free Digital Visualisation tool. Just send us some photographs of your space, let us know the designs you love and we can digitally place these rugs into your room.