After Albers Cornflower (Ex-Display)

$2,630.00 $1,980.00

This medium-sized After Albers Cornflower rug is one of our ex-display area rugs for sale and a unique opportunity to purchase a Sonya Winner rug at a fantastic price. After Albers Cornflower is a geometric carpet with a highly contemporary feel, inspired by the beautiful interplay of shape, shifting depth and changes in tone characterised by the work of abstract artist and influential colorist Josef Albers.

This particular ex-display piece is an early prototype of the After Albers Cornflower rug design, which includes lighter blues and shades of grey, compared to the current design where deep blues and greens are dominant.  Apart from the colour differences, the rug has no defects and has not been previously used. See detailed images of the condition of the rug at the bottom of the page.

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Size Dimensions Price
Dimensions in: Metres Feet
1.45 × 2.2 m (4'9" x 7'3")
$2,630.00 $1,980.00
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Details and design

After Albers Cornflower is an abstract and highly imaginative design that plays with planes of bold colour overlapping and blending to create a complex, yet harmonious mix of hues. The colour layering is further emphasised by varying pile heights and hand carving of the rug which give the piece a sculptural quality.

The resulting composition is a fascinating piece of floor art that creates a warm serenity to complement classic and modern interiors alike. The thick natural wool fibre, along with the canvas applied to the back of the piece, make it extremely efficient for noise cancelation, as the fibre soaks up sound and turns vast modern interiors into comfortable homes.

Composition and care

After Albers Cornflower is a natural fibre area rug, hand tufted in pure New Zealand wool by GoodWeave artisan weavers. Apart from being a beautiful art statement, this is a hardwearing, durable and easily washable rug.

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Loving our three rugs to bits – thank you!

Lindy Weinreb, Berkhamsted, UK (Bubbles Rug, Standard)

We love the rug! Thank you so much for all your help. In the end, this was the perfect choice! Regards, Deborah

Deborah Judd, New York, USA (After Albers Deep Rug, Standard)

New rug arrived and looking splendid in its new home! It really has met my expectations! Thanks again for your great customer service. I’ll certainly be recommending you to others. All the best, John

John Lambert, Stirlingshire, UK

Sonya, We received the rug yesterday. It is perfect. As you can see from the pictures, we are already enjoying it. It certainly was worth waiting for. Thank you so much. Have a very happy holiday and a healthy new year! Thanks again

Terri Mason, Florida, USA (The Kiss Orange Rug, Small)

Dear Sonya and Caroline, I just received my new rug, which fits my living room and library perfectly, as per attached photo. I wish you a Happy New Year and All the Best. Krzysztof Groniowski

P.S.Hope to do some more shopping in your Studio next year.

Krzysztof Groniowski, Warszawa, Poland (After Matisse Rug, Small)