Kaleidoscope Rug

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Kaleidoscope Rug is a complex array of vibrant colours that are layered upon one another to create a modern and spirited piece of floor art.

Inspired by the exciting uncertainty of looking through a kaleidoscope, this piece has been specifically crafted to create a vivid intensity through its exploration of colour and light. The playful interaction of colour has allowed for a vibrant rug that can liven a quiet space or complement a colourful setting. By weaving the variable pile heights and hand carving the rug, the texture and effect of the Kaleidoscope rug injects a splash of vibrancy into any room.

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Size Dimensions Price
Dimensions in: Metres Feet
1.1 × 1.7 m (3'7" x 5'7")
1.45 × 2.2 m (4'9" x 7'3")
1.7 × 2.6 m (5'7" x 8'6")
2.2 × 3.4 m (7'3" x 11'2")
2.8 × 4.3 m (9'2" x 14'1")
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Details and design

Created in a carefully chosen selection of 50 wool colours, the Kaleidoscope design explores the infinite possibilities of changing light and colour. Much like the kaleidoscope toy, this piece is playful, bold and provokes inspection. The shapes are created by moving coloured sheets over an illuminated base, resulting in a truly unique creation. This process has created shapes of varying dimensions within the design, where the rug’s varying pile heights add to its complexity and depth.

Composition and care

The Kaleidoscope rug is hand-tufted in pure New Zealand wool by GoodWeave artisan weavers. All our pieces are ethically produced following traditional hand crafting techniques and using natural products exclusively, which turns the finished product into a beautiful art statement, as well as a hardwearing, durable and easily washable rug.

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