Prism Vibrant Rectangle Rug

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Prism Vibrant Rectangle is a modern geometric rug – the rectangular version of our Prism Vibrant rug. This piece is inspired by the colours created when light refracts through a crystal and composed of twenty seven hand dyed colours including teal, yellow, cream, grey, lavender and purple.

A development of our popular Prism Pastels rug this has been designed with boosted gem colours enhanced by using a blended yarn of New Zealand wool and Art silk (viscose) that reflects light differently to pure New Zealand wool. Originally created as a bespoke piece for a large home in the USA we loved the result so much that we have created a version for our permanent collection.

View the Pastels version of the Prism rug design

Size Dimensions Price
Dimensions in: Metres Feet
1.4 × 1.7 m (4'7" x 5'7")
1.8 × 2.2 m (5'11" x 7'3")
2 × 2.45 m (6'7" x 8')
2.45 × 3 m (8' x 9'10")
3 × 3.6 m (9'10" x 11'10")
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Sonya Winner modern geometric rug Prism Vibrant Rectangle displayed as a wall hanging in a large modern kitchen as a wall hanging, with green armchair and green round cushion

Details and design

The facets of this modern geometric rug design are emphasised by varying pile heights and hand carving. The irregular shape is harmonious and dynamic at the same time, the carefully thought through composition of the geometric structures creating order out of chaos. The subtle colours create interest and luminosity.

See our Prism Vibrant irregularly shaped rug here.

Composition and care

A colourful geometric rug hand tufted in a mix of New Zealand wool and Art Silk (Viscose) by GoodWeave artisan weavers, this is an eco friendly piece made entirely of natural products. Prism Vibrant Rectangle is hardwearing and easily washable and can be used both as a floor rug and as a wall hanging.

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I am in love with my rug and couch and with the great duo they are when next to each other:) I made an Instagram post and tagged you in it.

Justine Lambert, New York, USA

Thanks… I just love that rug more than most of the things I own.

John Simpson, Virginia, USA

Your rug is just perfect (there is no other single word to do it justice), so thank you!

Jim McNally, London, UK