Interior Design Colors – Top 5 Colours to Uplift Your Interior

A colourful interior is a guaranteed way to lift your spirits and combat anxiety and stress. Our clients consistently tell us how much our contemporary rugs have improved their mental health and how they make them feel happy. We decided to look a little closer at interior design colors and the science behind how they affect our moods.


Psychological properties: Intelligence, Communication, Trust, Efficiency, Serenity, Duty, Logic, Coolness, Reflection, Calm.Psychology of Colours - Blue calm

In Interiors: Research has confirmed that Blue is the world’s favourite colour. There is certainly nothing like a clear blue sky or an ocean view to improve your mood. Strong blues stimulate clear thought and lighter soft blues calm the mind and aid concentration. It is a fantastic and popular choice for an interior. Our After Albers rug is a favourite with blue enthusiasts. The combination of strong blues and greens reflect coastal and country landscapes. We have the After Albers Cornflower rug displayed on our showroom wall, which is an effective way to place the colours at eye level.

Blue had also been proven to reduce stress, help you sleep better and balance body temperature and heart rate. A bedroom rug in deep or soft blues brings harmony to your home.

Blue in interior design - Blue rug and sofa

Spiritual Interpretation: In Hindu culture Blue is associated with the Throat Chakra, improving expression and communication between people by enhancing feelings of trust and calm.


Psychological properties: Physical Courage, Strength, Warmth, Energy, Basic Survival, Fight or Flight, Stimulation, Masculinity, Excitement.

Contemporary Red Rug Handmade in Wool

In Interiors: Red has the longest wavelength of the colours and can appear nearer than it is, so really grabs your attention. For this reason it can be great in a long narrow entrance hall, or as an accent colour for a wall or piece of furniture. We have some fantastic runner rugs for entrances and corridors like our Rainbow Runner and our Magic Stepping Stones, which you can see here in the entrance to our Hampstead Heath Studio.

Red is known to stimulate and raise our pulse rate. It can unleash our power, our passions, courage, ardor and excitement! It is a warm colour, evoking feelings of happiness, optimism and energy. It could be a great colour to introduce to a home office or family space. Red can also have an overwhelming impact on our emotions so it can be a good idea to include other colours around red to temper this impact and create balance. We love to combine red with purples and oranges to create a really passionate warm texture to our abstract rugs.  Our modern rugs look great against white walls, so the impact of the red is balanced and creates a focal point in the room.

Contemporary Red Rug in Wool and Silk

Spiritual Interpretation: Red is associated with the Root Chakra and is grounding. It represents a connection to the earth and the putting down of roots. Where better to introduce some red into your life than on the floors in your home interior!


Psychological properties: Harmony, Balance, Refreshment, Universal Love, Rest, Restoration, Reassurance, Environmental Awareness, Equilibrium, Peace.


In Interiors: Green is found at the centre of the spectrum and is the colour of balance. When the world around us is green this indicates the presence of water and little danger or famine and is therefore reassuring on a primitive level. Our green rugs are particularly popular, especially when combined with houseplants for full impact, such as our Jellybean contemporary rug.

Spiritual Interpretation: Green is the colour of the Heart Chakra and is associated with healing, love and growth. It can aid ailments such as anxiety, agitation and depression as it stimulates the nerves.


Psychological properties: Optimism, Confidence, Self-esteem, Extraversion, Emotional Strength, Friendliness, Creativity.

Colours in Interior Design - Yellow Rug

In Interiors: There has been a growing trend in introducing yellow to paint schemes with India Yellow by Farrow and Ball becoming a firm favourite amongst interior designers. Yellow represents sunlight and can induce happiness and optimism. The yellow wavelength is relatively long and offers an emotional stimulus. The right yellow can lift our spirits and our self-esteem. Many of our contemporary rugs have sections of yellow that really stand out amongst the other colours.

Spiritual Interpretation: Yellow is the colour of the Stomach Chakra and can be used to boost self-confidence and to help people process events that they have been through.


Psychological properties: Physical Tranquility, Nurture, Warmth, Femininity, Love, Sexuality, Survival of the Species.

Pink Togo Sofa by Ligne Roset With Contemporary Rug by Sonya Winner

In Interiors: Pink will always be a popular choice in interior design. It soothes rather than stimulates, it is nurturing and feminine. It is associated with matters of the heart and some believe it heals and balances relationships. We have always used a range of pink tones throughout our abstract rug collection. Pastel tones can be seen in our Prism Pastels and Jewel rugs perfect for a bedroom or boudoir. The bright pink tones we use in abstract rugs such as our After Matisse and Bubbles rugs are particularly vibrant and ‘pop’, giving rooms real warmth and excitement.

Spiritual Interpretation: Pink is not associated with any Chakra, but it is depicted in Chinese spirituality as the harmony of the universe, because pink is a mixture of Yin, which is blue, and Yang, which is red.

Pink contemporary rug

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